RFID technology implementation to increase in fashion and F&B sectors

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is proving to be a boon for making processes more secure and efficient than before for many sectors. The advancements and implementation of technologies is making it easier for companies in various sectors such as fashion and food & beverages to track the products and speed up the overall process. Startups and leading market players realized the importance and benefits of RFID technology and began implementation. Some companies began implementation on permanent basis, while some are still in testing phase. However, it is evident that the technology implementation will increase in the coming years. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global RFID market is estimated to reach $25.47 billion by 2030. Following are some of the activities taking place across the world.

The implementation of RFID technology to improve overall operations is one of the major strategies adopted by brands in various sectors. The fashion sector is reaping benefits of the technology to ensure improved efficiency and safety. NTK Confecções, a clothing brand from Brazil, adopted the RFID technology of iTAGEtiquetasInteligentes. Eduardo AgenorLeite, the logistics and operations manager at NTK, highlighted that the company needs to invest more in technology such as RFID.

The company integrated the iTAG system along with the enterprise resource planning system at many areas of its business. These tags are making the processes more secure and efficient than before. Before the implementation of RFID, the company took nearly an hour to count and release 1,000 pieces of clothes. However, with implementation of the technology, it carries out the same process in only 10 minutes. The company highlighted that it will also streamline the process. It will start utilizing the technology in the warehousing and storage and aiming to conduct nearly 80 percent of its operations with the help of RFID by the end of 2021.

Along with the fashion industry, the food and beverages industry has been trying to utilize RFID technology for carrying out operations with more efficiency and security than before. Bartle Frere Bananas, a supplier of Aldi and other chains, began trials of RFID tags on banana bunches on its paddocks. Moreover, the tags will be placed on cartons as the fruit moves ahead in the supply chain. The company highlighted that it is conducting trials to form a multi-year partnership with Hitachi Vantara. These tags can send the appropriate data to the onsite dashboard from the farms and the decision about how much irrigation is needed on paddocks on the given day can be made. T he tags are placed on bunches of bananas in paddocks. Then these bunches undergo two processes, bell injection and bagging. During the bell injection process, the company conducts a chemical treatment process to prevent moths from causing scab all over the fruit. In the bagging process, the bunch is covered to protect the fruit. Then the tag is attached to the bunch after bagging and read using a glove device. This helps the company in locating the fruit and determining how much treatment is needed for each bunch. Upon cutting, harvesting, and bringing the fruit back to shed, the tag is removed. Then these fruits are packed in cartons and RFID is attached again.

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