Top 5 Ecommerce websites in India 2021

Top 5 Ecommerce websites in India 2021

By definition of an e-commerce website, it is a website that allows you to buy and sell tangible goods or digital goods and services online.

E-commerce is also known as the business is simply the sale and purchase of goods and products over an electronic medium like the internet. It involves the electronic transfer of data and funds between two or more parties full stop in simple words it is called online shopping. An E-commerce website is the portals that facilitate the online transaction of services and goods means of transfer where you can transfer information and funds all over the internet wherever required.

Different types of e-commerce website

There are a lot of types of an E-Commerce website that are labelled based on the function they fulfil

Business to business (B2B): here the transfer of goods and services are done between companies electronically

Business to consumer (B2C): here electronic transactions of goods and services is done between companies and consumer.

Consumer to consumer (C2C): here electronic transaction of goods and services is done between consumers mostly using a third-party app or website.

Consumer to business (C2B): here electronic transaction of goods and services are done by individual who offer products or services to companies

Love you are going to present you a list of top 5 e-commerce website which held in few years become a need for Indian people. People come here and do their online shopping as well as many online jobs.

1. Amazon

Amazon is India’s most popular website leaving all e-commerce website behind. In the year 2013 Amazon launched its website for India and in the past two years, Amazon has been focusing on bringing new products to the website full stop this step has really helped them to keep their customer involved excellent quality products and delivery services Amazon is also providing entertainment things such as amazon prime video.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is one the best example of a startup that increases thousand times in the last decade. The journey by Flipkart is very amazing because it started with a small e-commerce website that was only selling books and is currently India’s second-largest e-commerce website. Recently Flipkart received a funding of 10 billion dollars which will be used by the company to increase a technological experience and bringing new products to the delivery website.

3. Paytm

 Paytm is also a startup company which was mainly focusing on recharge and online transactions. 2 years ago Paytm launched an E-Commerce platform known as Paytm mall and enter the E-Commerce industry full stop customer from Paytm Mall to buy electronic products, mobiles, tablets, appeals and a lot of accessories. Paytm was launched on January 1 2010 and has become an E-Commerce company within 7 years.

 4. Jabong

What is the fourth largest e-commerce website full stop it was launched in 2012? recently Flipkart acquired Jabong. Even after this much between Jabong and Flipkart, Jabong is running their website as a separate unit.

5. Myntra

Is an example of a major E-Commerce company that sell fashion related products full stop it was established in 2007 by Mukesh Bansal. In the year 2014 Flipkart has acquired Myntra to increase its business. Now all these three companies Flipkart Myntra and Jabong are working on a platform and are trying to capture the market share of the e-commerce industry.


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