After all 1 year, why did the government has to withdraw the Farm laws?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the occasion of Gurpurab and on this occasion he announced that three agricultural laws would be withdrawn.

To withdraw these laws, he said that despite all efforts, we farmers could not understand a group and thanked all those who are supporting these laws.

First ordinance then became law and then agitation

The Modi government first implemented these laws in the form of an ordinance in June, 2020 and after that in the monsoon session of September, the bill was passed in both the houses of Parliament. Meanwhile, the farmers of Punjab-Haryana started opposing these laws. However, despite this opposition, the government made this bill a law by getting it signed by the President.

There is the more interesting story behind the farm Laws withdrawal.

Electoral experts say that the government has not suddenly decided to withdraw these agricultural laws. In the coming five state elections, the internal election survey of the Bharatiya Janata Party has blown the government’s sleep. In view of this, the displeasure of the farmers should not be overshadowed by the upcoming elections. That’s why this farmer’s law has been withdrawn.


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