Agneepath Scheme: Central Government Launches New Scheme for Indian Army Recruitment

Central Government unveils radical scheme to recruit Army soldiers for 4 years. defence minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday announced the radical and far-reaching’ Agnipath’scheme to recruit all new Army soldiers only for four years.

After the announcement of the Agneepath scheme by the center, students have opposed this scheme and said that recruitment in the army based on four years contract is not acceptable. Defense job seekers expressed concern over job security and pension. With this, now fierce protests have started in the cities of different states.

Job seekers in the defense sector expressed concern about their future after the completion of four years as only 25 per cent of the soldiers recruited through the scheme are to be retained for a full tenure. And the government has said that the youth recruited and not absorbed through the Agneepath scheme will be given relief without pension benefits.

Students’ furious demonstration started

The students of Bihar were the first to start a protest against this scheme. And he said, “We work hard to join the armed forces. How about serving four years, with months of training and holidays? Our future is in jeopardy after we trained for just three years. And What will we do after that?

And by the time we were writing this news today, protests news has started coming from every corner of the country.


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