Heart Attack

Heart attack is becoming common among young people: Here is what to do keep your heart healthy

Sidharth Shukla, the Bigg Boss 13 winner, died at the age of 40. The Cooper hospital in Mumbai verified his demise. According to PTI, Shukla had a “massive heart attack in the morning.”

Cardiac arrest and heart attack are becoming more prevalent in younger age groups than they were 10-15 years ago.  In the last two years or so, there has been an increase in occurrence, so much so that we have seen heart attacks in people as young as 18 and 20.

What are the reasons?

According to doctors, the most important cause for this is the growing frequency of smoking among young people. Second, most young professionals are under a great deal of emotional stress. The third issue is our sedentary lifestyles and decreased physical activity.

Some fitness enthusiasts are known to use steroids; might this possibly contribute to a heart attack? In theory, it is conceivable, although there haven’t been many examples of heart attacks caused by steroid usage. There have been a few cases when young people who were taking supplements suffered heart attacks, but this is not particularly frequent.

Tips for preventing a Heart Attack

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, you must manage these conditions and see a doctor on a regular basis.

If you are in good health and do not have any of the aforementioned concerns, here are some tips from top Indian doctors:

  • At least 30-45 minutes of physical activity five days a week. Cardio activities such as cycling, jogging, swimming, and so on are beneficial to the heart, according to the doctor. Lifting too much weight, on the other hand, is bad for your heart. Use light weights, perhaps up to five kilogrammes. However, while higher weights may aid in muscular development, they may place more strain on your heart.
  • Take time away from work to spend with family and friends. Remember that watching television does not constitute a break because you may still be thinking about work.
  • Smoking must be fully discontinued. It does not help to do it in moderation. Even if you only smoke one cigarette each day, you might have a heart attack.
  • Look after your mental health. Because there is no way to quantify how much stress a person is under, it is usually neglected.
  • Include 250-200 gm of raw veggies and fruits in your diet every day. Reduce your salt consumption. Empty sugars, such as soft drinks, must be avoided at all costs.

If you take care of things, there is a 95-98 percent probability that nothing bad will happen to you.


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