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Hollywood News: Leonardo DiCaprio Finds New Love: Introducing Vittoria Ceretti

Once again, Leonardo DiCaprio’s heart has been captured by love’s embrace. Staying true to his known preferences, the actor’s latest romantic interest is someone under the age of 25. After a summer of leisure spent on the sun-kissed beaches of Sardinia and a venture to the Balearic Islands, encompassing the likes of Ibiza and Formentera, the renowned actor has been spotted in California accompanied by none other than the Italian model, Vittoria Ceretti.

The sights of DiCaprio and Ceretti were caught in Santa Barbara, California, as they indulged in a meal along the bustling streets. DiCaprio donned a white t-shirt paired with brown shorts and complemented by understated grey sneakers, a look perfectly captured by the lenses. Vittoria Ceretti mirrored his ensemble, sporting a cropped shirt, matching black shorts, and a pair of muted grey sneakers. While the paparazzi captured their moments, they were engrossed in their treats – Vittoria delighting in an ice cream cone, while DiCaprio savored an iced latte.

Ceretti’s previous known relationship was with DJ Matteo Miller, and although they exchanged vows, their paths diverged on June 12th.

So, who is Vittoria Ceretti?

Vittoria Ceretti, born on June 7, 1998, in Brescia, Italy, embarked on her modeling journey at a tender age of 14, and her presence has already graced numerous international catwalks. Her collaboration with distinguished brands is nothing short of impressive – the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Loewe, Givenchy, Versace, Jacquemus, and Chanel are eager to have her as their muse. Notably, Ceretti’s entry into the modeling world began with a flourish when she reached the finals of the annual Elite Model Look event, organized by Elite Model Management. It was here that she secured her debut assignment with the esteemed Italian label, Kristina Ti.

Interestingly, she shares a close bond with another individual associated with DiCaprio romantically – Gigi Hadid. The two were initially spotted together at the Cannes Film Festival, coinciding with the premiere of ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ a cinematic masterpiece helmed by the legendary Martin Scorsese and featuring the talented American actor himself.

In the realm where Hollywood and glamour converge, Leonardo DiCaprio and his newfound partner, Vittoria Ceretti, have once again ignited curiosity and fascination among fans and the media, weaving another chapter in the tapestry of celebrity romance.

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