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Live updates on the Raj Kundra case: Will Shilpa Shetty be issued with a summons in the Raj Kundra case?

On Tuesday, the Mumbai Police crime department will present businessman Raj Kundra before a municipal court for police detention. Kundra was arrested on Monday by the Mumbai Police in connection with the alleged creation of pornographic movies and their dissemination through various applications.

Kundra will be taken into prison by the Metropolitan Magistrate Court. According to sources, his interrogation might lead to further arrests.

The Mumbai Crime Branch’s Property Cell lodged a FIR in connection with the case in February of this year, and nine people were detained shortly after. According to police sources, Raj Kundra’s name came up during the accused’s interrogation.

Raj was arrested on Monday after being charged with obscene and indecent advertising and exhibits under Sections 420 (cheating), 34 (common intention), 292, and 293 (related to the law), the IT Act, and the Banning Act.

Kundra was called for interrogation on Monday, after which he was arrested. “We have arrested Raj Kundra in this case on 19/7/21 since he looks to be the primary conspirator,” stated Mumbai Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale.

Nagrale stated that the arrest was in connection with a complaint filed with Crime Branch Mumbai in February 2021 about the production of pornographic films and their distribution via mobile applications.

The police stated that in the scam discovered earlier this year, women were enticed into starring in pornographic videos with promises of parts in web series.

Some of those detained were owners of streaming sites where these pornographic videos could be seen for a charge. An officer stated that Raj Kundra’s name was revealed in regard to his connections to one of the firms involved in exhibiting such flicks on digital platforms.

In addition to the Mumbai police probe, Kundra’s name was included in a similar complaint filed by the Maharashtra Cyber police last year. Raj Kundra sought anticipatory release in that case, and the court is set to rule on his motion next week.

Raj published an Instagram picture last November on rising from modest origins. “When my parents relocated to the United Kingdom before I was born, they worked extremely hard. My father was a bus driver, and my mother was a store clerk. Those were not the days when the United Kingdom was so multi-cultural and friendly. “Their experience inspired him to strive to be self-made as well,” he continued.

“I made a lot of mistakes, went through a lot of trial and error, and had a lot of hits and misses, but I did everything myself!” From aeroplane catering to stocking shelves at Tesco’s! Working hard came easily to me since that’s what I watched my parents do every day to provide a roof over our heads and food on our plates for my sisters and myself. “I credit my family’s blessings for getting me to where I am today,” he added.


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