Gul Panag

Meet Gul Panag’s Favourite Holiday Buddy

Gul Panag, an actress, businesswoman, and explorer, is making the most of her time in the Maldives. And, much to our joy, she is regularly updating us on Instagram on her family’s daily experiences in the island country. The actress had considerable relief on Gul Panag’s second day when her COVID-19 test results came back negative. “We would finally be able to interact freely at the island resort- without posing a risk to anyone,” she wrote, overjoyed. In the Maldives, she was also treated to a few surprises. On the second day of the trip, Gul Panag met up with an old acquaintance, she said. “Thanks to our shared fauji link, our families go back decades,” she added.

Gul Panag has been actively posting posts from her Maldives vacation one by one. Her most recent Instagram post is on keeping youngsters occupied over the holidays. She captioned a photo of herself and her son Nihal saying that We came into the classic question as we relaxed into the leisurely life and began to decompress. On a holiday, how do you keep youngsters occupied? What’s the best way to have fun with children? (It’s difficult to relax and unwind  when there are children present.) These are some of the most often asked questions by parents of children. I’m no exception to this rule. She also added that  As much as I cherish and prioritise family togetherness time, which is why we’re here. “I’m painfully aware of the toll that’mothering’ takes.”

The mother and kid are seen enjoying a bicycle ride in the images posted by the actress, just before they had to dash to a “sunset dolphin tour.” The caption on Gul Panag’s photo said, “We pedalled furiously to get to the jetty, arriving with one minute to spare. Phew. We saw a large number of spinner dolphins. Nihal and his mother are both ecstatic.” Gul Panag appeared enthralled by the cycles, which he said encourage sustainability. She penned, “Sustainability isn’t merely a topic for discussion. It’s a way of life in this town. And it’s not just about cycling.”

Gul Panag can be seen in the photos taking a refreshing swim in the pool during her stay. That’s not all, though. In addition, the family went on a kayaking excursion. “”Nihal liked being in the kayak on our last vacation to the Maldives (pre-COVID),” Gul Panag wrote, adding, “He had clearly forgotten.” All he wanted to do was get back to shore.”


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