Emerging Specializations in Corporate Law

New and Emerging Specializations in Corporate Law

When we think of lawyers, we often imagine them presenting clever arguments in courtrooms. Today, law is a popular career choice, with corporate law being a preferred specialization for many aspiring lawyers.

While the traditional aspects of corporate law involve complex legal maneuvers during mergers and acquisitions, the evolving business world demands specialized disciplines within the legal profession. Two emerging areas are ESG and forensics.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has gained significant importance globally, with corporations and investors emphasizing strict policies and reporting. Lawyers play a crucial role in ensuring compliance and establishing regulatory frameworks around ESG initiatives. Energy lawyers, for instance, focus on carbon footprint reduction and embracing new technologies aligned with ESG policies.

Forensics has become essential due to increasing concerns about governance and corruption. Large corporations and governments engage lawyers for assistance in financial forensics to address these issues effectively.

Moreover, emerging technology law deals with cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, blockchain, IoT, and more. Lawyers in this area must think creatively to address novel issues arising from rapid technological developments.

Space law is another emerging field, with India keen on promoting private sector involvement in space-related ventures. Lawyers in this sector can provide crucial contractual and advisory assistance to startups and investors participating in this space.

These emerging specializations offer promising and exciting career options for lawyers in the future.


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