How we can get quality leads from Facebook & Instagram

First of all, we will know what is social media lead?
Lead is any kind of information someone shares that you can follow up with them it can include name e-mail address, employers, occupation, or any other information that a user on social media wants to share.
The quality of social media lead depends on industry, campaign, and goals. The best platform for generating a lead is a platform your customer use, that being said most people agree is there Facebook is the best site for social media lead generation.
More than 2.45 billion people use Facebook every month Making Facebook a social media platform with the largest population. Facebook also offers some of the sharpest tools to collect leads on its platform. Below are ways by which you can get quality leads on your Facebook and Instagram
1. Optimize your profile
First, it is very important to optimize your profile so that everything is a place for you to collect lead
organically. The profile should provide means for the customer to contact you, shop, sign up for your
newsletter, and more.
2. Provide contact information
Your contact information should be readily available on your profile .make sure you are able to support
inquiries of a customer any mods suggest email, messenger or phone.
3. Design user-friendly landing pages
Your landing page must be relevant. For example, if someone is expecting certain product-specific
information when they click on a link, it better be there.
A good landing page will be easily scannable and seamless visually. If your landing page involves any kind
of form, keep it simple.
If you are making a form, keep it simple. Each question you add reduces the chance of someone
finishing it. Price refill as much information as possible.
4. Use social media ads
On Facebook, Facebook offers a special lead platform for marketers lead ads are promoted forms.
Facebook’s retargeting tool is very handy when it comes to lead nurturing.
For Instagram leads, Instagram offers needed specially designed to help marketers to collect
information. Like Facebook Instagram also offers the option to pre-fill forms.
5. Personalize your offer

Personalizing your offer according to discount and other things greatly affect social media lead
generation. Study it was found that most of the marketers are putting personalizing when it comes to
improving the quality of leads.
Thank you for reading this blog. I hope your doubts has been cleared and you got a basic idea on How
we can get quality leads from Facebook & Instagram?


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