Queen Elizabeth Death: Heads of the world expressed grief, Prime Minister Modi also paid tribute

Britain Queen Elizabeth Death News: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday. She was present in Scotland before her death and she breathed her last. People in large numbers gathered outside buckingham palace to pay their respects to the Queen. The Queen’s funeral will take place 10 days later. Before that, his coffin would be carried from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster. The ceremonial route will be taken five days after the death, where the queen will lie down in the kingdom for three days. During this time people will be able to have their last darshan, this place will be open for 23 hours daily.

Queen Elizabeth II visited India three times

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has had close relations with India. She has visited India thrice in her 70-year tenure. He had visited India during the tenure of the country’s first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru to Indira Gandhi and IK Gujral.

There is a wave of mourning across the UK on the death of Queen Elizabeth. State mourning will be observed in Britain for 10 days from today. The Government of India has also announced one day state mourning. The Ministry of Home Affairs informed that the Government of India has decided that there will be a one-day state mourning on September 11 in India on the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain.

At the same time, on the death of Britain’s longest-reigning Queen Elizabeth II, today King Charles will address Britain for the first time. His address to the nation will be based on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


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