5 Creepy Businesses in India.

Unveiling 5 Creepy Businesses in India: Exploring the Unsettling Side of Commerce

India, a country rich in culture and diversity, is also home to a few eerie and unconventional businesses that cater to the darker and more mysterious side of human curiosity. In this article, we delve into five creepy businesses in India that may send shivers down your spine. From haunted tours to occult practices, these ventures offer a unique and unsettling experience for those brave enough to explore the unknown.

  1. Ghost Tourism: India’s rich history is steeped in legends, myths, and ghostly tales, making it a prime destination for ghost tourism. Numerous companies offer haunted tours, taking visitors to locations with alleged paranormal activity. Places like Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan and Dumas Beach in Gujarat attract thrill-seekers keen to experience the spine-chilling stories and eerie atmospheres firsthand.
  2. Occult Services: India has a long-standing fascination with the occult and supernatural. There are businesses that specialize in providing occult services, such as astrologers, palm readers, and practitioners of black magic. These individuals claim to possess supernatural abilities and offer solutions to personal and professional problems, attracting those who seek unconventional solutions or insights into their lives.
  3. Mummy Trade: Believe it or not, India is a hub for the trade of preserved human remains, particularly mummies. While the sourcing and selling of mummies is illegal and highly controversial, there have been instances of black market activities involving the smuggling and trading of mummified bodies. These macabre transactions cater to a demand from collectors, museums, and individuals with a morbid fascination for such artifacts.
  4. Skull Cleaning and Art: In a niche yet unsettling business, some individuals in India offer skull cleaning and preservation services for artistic purposes. These professionals use beetles and dermestid larvae to meticulously clean and prepare animal skulls, transforming them into eerie and macabre art pieces. While some collectors appreciate the aesthetics and craftsmanship, others may find these creations disturbing.
  5. Dying and Death Photography: In certain parts of India, it is customary to capture photographs of individuals during their final moments or after death. Known as “Dying and Death Photography,” these haunting images serve as mementos and are believed to hold spiritual significance. While this practice may seem unsettling to some, it is deeply ingrained in certain cultural and religious traditions, providing a glimpse into India’s diverse customs surrounding mortality.

Conclusion: India, with its rich history and cultural tapestry, harbors a few businesses that delve into the creepy and mysterious. From ghost tourism to occult practices and the macabre trades of mummies and cleaned skulls, these ventures cater to those intrigued by the darker side of human existence. While these businesses may not be for the faint-hearted, they offer a unique perspective on the intersection of commerce and the unsettling aspects of our world.


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