Why You Should Be Using A Beard Wash From The Style Bearer

Beard wash may appear to be an extraneous product that you do not require. Is not it true that you can just use soap or regular hair wash on your beard? No, not at all! Using the wrong product on your facial fuzz can cause it to become dry and bristly, as well as irritate the skin beneath it.

Because the hair and skin on your face are very different from the rest of your body, men’s beard treatments must be specifically designed for that purpose. Good beard care necessitates the use of good beard products.

Beard Hair is Different from Head Hair

Androgenic hair is the type of hair on your head that is directly impacted by your hormones, which is why women seldom grow beards. The hair on your face is thicker and coarser than the hair on your head due to this biological difference.

As a result, you can not treat them both equally. The Style Bearer Beard Wash is specially formulated for facial hair, so it will not deplete your natural oils. We are not being biassed when we say it is time to store up on a decent beard wash and conditioner. Using standard wash may leave beard hair feeling waxy and all sorts of unappealing, so we are not being biassed when we say it is time to stock up on a good beard wash and conditioner.

What is the Purpose of Beard Wash?

To look thick and healthy, your beard need as much moisture as possible. Hair may have breakage or, at the absolute least, a frizzy, untidy appearance if you use a standard wash that takes away your natural oils. Beard wash and conditioner will preserve the oils in your beard while also removing smells and other debris that might accumulate during the day.

When it comes to beard washing, you do not have to do it every day, which may seem counter-intuitive. Because every beard is different, you may tailor your beard cleaning schedule to your lifestyle, as well as the size and thickness of your beard.

If You Do not Wash Your Beard, What Happens?

If you do not give your beard the appropriate once-over with a decent shampoo at least semi-regularly, a couple of things can happen. Beardruff, also known as beard dandruff, is caused by not providing your beard and the skin beneath it with the correct care and moisture. Is the same true of beard wash? We all know there are shampoos we may use if we have dandruff on our scalps, but is the same true of beard wash?

Although everyone is different, you may reduce your chance of beardruff by providing your beard with the moisture it need without depriving it of the natural oils that nourish it in the first place. As a result, we advise utilising beard wash!

The second thing that might happen is that your beard develops an odour. Unwashed hair of any sort can collect odours from the air around you and build up. City dwellers may detect pollution or smog, whereas restaurant or bar employees may imagine bringing home the day’s dishes in odour form. The easiest approach to keep your beard from stinking is to keep it clean.

What Else Can You Do to Aid Your Beard?

It all depends on your lifestyle, but we recommend trying out a few different things to have the best-looking beard possible. Beard oils and beard balms can offer a number of fantastic benefits for the hirsute gent.

The Style Bearer’s Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Beard Wash will keep your beard moisturised and nourished, reducing split ends and hair breakage. This is the ideal wash for maintaining the health of your beard. Your manly facial hair may now be treated with the finest beard wash with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which cleans and conditions both your hair and the skin beneath it.


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