5 dressing tips make you cool in summers

This hot summer season always comes with relax and laid-back vibe.

For men, the temptation to wear shorts and a t-shirt is very strong.

Below are the top 5 dressing tips for summer to make you cool.

1. Light-weighted fabric to stay cool in the heat

All the best fabrics for this climate are lightweight and are made from natural materials such as cotton or linen. While selecting cloth keep this in mind. The feel of the cloth should be light also hold up a little if you can’t see through it a bit then that is a good sign. Natural light fabric has a good tendency to get dried out faster.

Heavy fabrics usually clinging to your skin and trap sweat along with them. So you are simply adding another layer of heat between temperature and your body.

2. Breathable fabrics for hot weather

In someone’s sometimes high temperature with high humidity can really make life uncomfortable especially for people who are not used to this excessive heat.

We humans maintain our body temperature by perspiring heat away from our body.

A piece of fabric must be breathable. The fabric which traps moisture is main sources of odours also.

Cotton is a very comfortable cloth and allows your body to breathe with ease it also observes excessive sweat from your body full stop linen and other natural fabrics are also known for their breathability and nature of absorbing moisture.

All fabrics tend to breed more than synthetic fabrics like polyester.

3. Clothes that offer protection are better in summer

It is also important for you to look stylish but it is also important to wear cloth that protects you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Even walk for an hour gives you a lot of sun’s exposure from your head shoulders back and cleavage. hats are good choices while going out in sun.

4. Construction of clothes is crucial in hot weather

It is important to pick out the right fabric by the way is made.

Properties of big lightweight and breathable can be rendered useless if it is constructed in a way that cannot emphasize these properties.

Blazers are usually lined with polyester. Which is is not readable at all so it traps heat in the layer between fabric and lining.

Fit class help in circulation of air full stop oversized cloth would look flattering to go for fit and properly constructed clothes.

5. Lighter colour is suited for hot weather

Scientifically speaking dark colour absorbs more light so there going to be hotter.

Light colours are known for their reflecting property so wearing light-coloured cloth is preferred in summers.

Dark shades of green purple blue generate thermal energy when they are exposed to intense sunlight where is lighter colour generate less thermal energy under the same net condition. Light reacts to colour in different ways depending upon how much light is absorbed or reflected.


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