What is digital marketing?

Simply speaking, digital marketing refers to any online marketing efforts are the acids it includes email marketing social media marketing and even writing blogs they all are digital marketing. the main aim of digital marketing is to help people introduce their company and convince them to buy their products. Below is the list of most common digital marketing assets and strategy that are used worldwide to help businessman reach their audience online

Digital marketing assets

Nearly everything can be called under digital marketing asset. The basic requirement is it has to be a marketing tool that can be used online. Your website or your branded assets like logo and icons or any kind of video content or the images that you provide comes under a digital marketing asset. Even this list is part of a few things among the rest.

Digital marketing strategies

List of important detail marketing strategies which are consistently evolving

  1. Pay per click advertising

Pay per click advertising is the name for or any kind of date in marketing where you have to pay for every user who clicks on an ad.

For example, Google AdWords is an example of paid search advertising whereas Facebook ads is a paid social media advertising.

  • Paid search advertising

All the famous search engine runs an ad in their results including Google, Bing and Yahoo. This kind of advertising is one of the best ways to target only the potential customers who are actively searching for any kind of service or product.

If you are not interested in paying to show up on the search engine results page you can try using SEO and get rank pages or rank blogs on your website organically.

So you don’t have to pay directly for every click bird getting up page to rank usually take a lot of effort and time.

  • Paid Social media advertising

Famous social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will allow you to run ads on their website full stop so casual media marketing is also a great way to build your audience that you are not aware of and which are not aware of your business, products or services.

  • Social media marketing

Like SEO social media marketing is also a freeway where you use social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to market your business.

  • Content marketing

It is an example of a broad digital marketing term. It usually covers writing blog post ebooks videos for infographics to build brand awareness or to drive clicks, leads or sale.

  • Email marketing

It is one of the oldest forms of online marketing and it still going strong. Most common digital marketers use this email marketing publisher about their special deals and to promote any event.

  • Affiliate marketing

It is a process for paying someone else to promote your products and services on their website


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