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A Guide For Selecting Perfect Cushion Covers via Pluchi !!!

If your living room feels a little tired and out of date? Anyway, this is the condition of most of the houses now a days. Some people sometimes make the living room as a dumping ground for stuff and the constant tear and wear can make the living room a bit audacious and run down.

Giving a living room a fresh look has always been considered a huge project. Maybe that’s why if you are stuck in repainting, repainting or replacing your old sofa then you should consider using some cushion covers to decorate your room.

Cushions can make all the elements of your room look together and bring harmony to a once busy mismatched room. But we know that choosing the right cushion cover for your room can be a daunting task and it is very easy to go wrong. We bring you a step-by-step guide that will guide you through the proper decision-making process and help you find the ideal cushion covers for your living room.

1. Throw out matching cushions

If your cushions don’t match your sofa, it’s best to replace them. And adding some new cushion covers to your living room provides a great opportunity to add texture and color to your room. You can add some pillows that complement the other colors in your room and create a nice contrast with the color of your sofa.

2. Select your colour palette

This is probably an important process to beautify your living room which gives you the opportunity to choose the color because if you choose the cushion covers carefully they can pull together all the elements of your room and create a stylish and stylish look. Will help you create a harmonious look. Usually, living rooms are filled with patterns and colors.

3. Deciding the number of cushions Covers on a sofa

The number of cushions you need to buy before buying completely depends on the style of the room you prefer. If you want a modern look then you can go for an odd number but if you are looking for a traditional style then you can use cushions with an even number.

4. Choosing the size and shape of the cushion cover

Most people prefer to use the standard size of 18 x 18 inches or 20 x 20 inches in a square shape and they buy all their cushions in the same size. You should also always think about matching the size and shape of your pillow. But you can buy two different sized cushion covers in a similarly patterned material and then add in some solid colors as well.

If you are looking to shop online then you can check out our collection of cushion covers at The Pluchi website offers cushion covers in various colors and designs that will suit your living room and that too at affordable prices.


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