Best 5 Summer Friendly Throws To amp up Your Home Décor at Pluchi

Summer has here, and the temperatures are consistently rising. No matter what the climate, there are minutes when you just need to nestle up on the sofa with a nice blanket to veg out. All things considered, the last thing you need is a thick, heavy throw that makes you question on the off chance that the air outside or your own internal heat level is more blazing. That is why you need a go-to summer blanket that is light and breezy while still providing the cosiness you need.. These are amazing spots to start.

1. Chunky Popcorn – Natural Color 100% Cotton Knitted All Season AC Throw Blanket

Pluchi throws1

This throw blanket might be utilized as a blanket in a cooled room or as a design extra — spread it over a couch, chair, or sofa; it can likewise be utilized inflight, during picnics, or on a deck. Pluchi Throws are generally a vibrant blend of colours that add beauty to your decor.

2. Google Throw – Natural & Black 100% Cotton Knitted All Season AC Throw Blanket

Pluchi throws

Super-soft and easy to carry Google Throw is ideal for travel. The throw blanket is modernised by the amazing design and neutral colours, giving it an attractive and sophisticated appearance that will compliment your home décor. Bring the blanket home with you and make it a regular buddy! Pluchi’s throw blanket guarantees warmth and comfort while driving away your worry with its exquisite elegance and lightweight softness. Perfect for cuddling and curling up with your favourite snack and drink on your favourite chair or couch. This amazing textured very soft blanket will far beyond your expectations.

3. Periwinkle – Blue 100% Cotton Knitted All Season AC Throw Blanket

Pluchi Throws

4. CRISS CROSS – Natural Color 100% Cotton Knitted All Season AC Throw Blanket


With its eye-catching weaving and smooth, supple texture, this knit throw is a lovely addition to your current home design. The knit blanket is a versatile piece that can be utilised year-round, whether you are cuddling up with a nice book or watching a movie on the couch. To add significant texture and contrast, fold over the foot of your bed or casually throw on an arm chair or love seat — or just store tucked away for when it becomes chilly.

5. Stroke – Light Grey & Natural 100% Cotton Knitted All Season AC Throw Blanket


Stroke Throw Blankets is made of very soft and fine combed cotton that is knitted elegantly and textured. It may be utilised at any time of year. A complementing throw may add a comfortable appearance and feel to your living room, couch, or bed.


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