Corona Alert: The threat of the fourth wave of Corona for India in the next 40 days

Corona Alert: Next 40 days are important for the country amidst the danger of Corona, cases may increase rapidly in January, comparison of today’s situation with the initial trend of the last three waves in India.

Coronavirus in India: The next 40 days are very serious for India, because the fourth wave of Corona may come in January. According to sources in the Ministry of Health, it was found earlier also that a new wave of epidemic came in India 30-40 days after East Asia was hit by Corona.

Once again the crisis of Corona has arisen in front of the world. Infection in China is increasing at a rapid pace. Record deaths are happening in Japan. In the midst of the threat of Corona looming over the world including India, a big information is coming to the fore. It is being claimed that the cases of Kovid-19 in India may increase rapidly in January. In such a situation, the next 40 days are going to be important for India.

The news agency has quoted sources related to the Ministry of Health as saying that the next 40 days are very serious, as the cases of corona may increase in January. However, sources also say that even if a new wave comes, neither the number of deaths nor the number of hospitalized patients will increase.

Cases of BF.7 have also come to the fore in India. Sources told that out of 6 thousand passengers who came from abroad in two days, 39 have been found corona positive. India has made negative report of Corona necessary for passengers coming from China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore. However, it was revealed in a survey that 7 out of 10 Indians want flights coming from China to be stopped. Still, the government has not yet imposed a travel ban.


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