Covid19 Fourth Wave

Covid-19 4th Wave : COVID Strikes Back,Will there be 4th Wave in India?

The recent surge in COVID has been attributed to an Omicron sub-variant called BF.7. Some experts believe that the fourth wave of Covid-19 may soon cause an explosion of corona virus in India? The central government has issued an advisory to the state government regarding this. In which these instructions have been given to them that every kind of vigilance should be taken. And instructions have been given to do the Covid test for those coming from abroad at the airport itself.

The rapid increase in the cases of covid-19 is being seen in our neighboring country China and other countries, due to which the Government of India is on high alert mode. The transmission of the virus is still slow in the country, but the government is taking all steps to stay safe and keep the situation under control.

In this sequence, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has given necessary guidelines related to health by writing another letter to the states. Earlier, all health institutions (including accredited COVID-dedicated health facilities) across the country were asked to conduct a mock drill on December 27.

What is Difference of BF.7 and Other Variants Virus

The Omicron variant that is calling the shots globally is around three times more transmissible than Delta among vaccinated individuals. China’s BF.7 is BA. sub-lineage of Omicron BA.5. BF.7 has R346T mutation in spike protein of the virus and can escape antibodies that have been derived from the vaccines targeted to the original Wuhan virus, especially the Chinese vaccine Sinovac.

At present the virus found in China is BF.7. Similar growth has been observed in many other countries including Japan, South Korea, UK, Brazil and USA and the surge in Covid 9 in these countries is due to BF.7. So far only four cases of BF.7 have been reported in India. What is worrying about this virus is that BF.7 has a short incubation period (the time interval between infection and the appearance of symptoms is short). It has a high potential to cause reinfection. It will also infect people who have been vaccinated.

At present, China is in the grip of this virus, there are 10 lakh cases daily. And the death rate has also increased.


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