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Google Announced, May 2022 core update is finished rolling out

Google has taken 15 days to roll out this update, and now that the core update is out, you should start an in-depth search and see how your site was affected and what action to take next.

Google has confirmed that the May 2022 Core Update has been successfully rolled out and the update took 15 days to roll out, starting on May 25, 2022 and ending on June 9, 2022.

Google announcement. Google shared this information by posting on Twitter this morning at 3:44 am ET, that the roll out of the update is complete.

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When and what did this update take? On a single data basis, this update was a major update and the update has rolled out many queries that are tracked by the data providers very quickly. We saw some “shocks”, volatility changes from this update, and initially after the update, the biggest shocks were around June 5th and this should be the last volatility data you’ll see from the initial comprehensive core update release.

SEO Community May 2022 core update

The SEO community has to say that the core update of May 2022 is much more important than the core update of November 2021. The SEO community believes that the core update of November 2021 was not good, if we say that this update came during the busiest online shopping season.

What will be the effect on SEO?

If your website has been negatively affected by a core update in the past, Google has advised that no specific changes have been made to recover, and that no one can determine a negative ranking effect. that anything is wrong with your pages.


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