Latest Google SEO Updates Algorithm: For multi-language or transliterated/scripted titles

Google is Make sure your titles match the language and/or script of your page and Google may change it for you. Latest Google SEO updates its title algorithm for suport multi-language or transliterated/scripted titles.

Google SEO said this algorithm update is “based on the general theory that a document’s title should be written by the language or script of its basic primary contents.”

Google have introduced a new SEO algorithmic for improvement your search query, You can see that , for how it selects titles for the search result snippets for support multi-language or transliterated titles or where the title element is written in a different language or script from its your content, The Google has announced.

What are the basic changes for meta tags. Google said that when the title is written in a different language or script than its content, it may try to find the best title link for the search result snippet (it has not ensured that Google “title link” in its announcement). Why doesn’t it mention the name).

When multi language titles repeat the same phrase in two different languages or scripts. then most popular pattern is to add an English version to the original title text, Google SEO said. this is better example Google gave was the title “गीतांजलि की जीवनी – Geetanjali Biography in Hindi.” Google SEO said in this case, the Meta title consists of two parts, divided by a hyphen, and they describe the same contents in different multi languages, both Hindi and English. if the document itself is written only in Hindi then Google will change the title to just be in Hindi and remove the English language .

What is impact on SEO . Google SEO is recommendtion that you provide a title that matches both the language or the page script of main content. You Don’t use different languages or scripts for your Meta title and description, then you do not use in your page’s content.


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