Google SEO News : Google adds on new valid page metadata help to users

Google said also updated the title links help to user. so that the main title of the document can be changed without removing it

Google’s new change adds a new help document called Page’s Metadata that describes how Google may process invalid or incompatible HTML with invalid markup issues around invalid markup. Google had “no clear main heading until now” in this troubleshooting section but now also updated their help document on the title link with a new section.

Valid pages metadata help to Update document

Now use the new valid page metadata and with the help of that the document can be found here, and reads it. Then using the valid pages metadata ensures that Google can process to HTML markup language in your pages.

With this update, “Google tries to understand HTML even if it is invalid or incompatible with the standard, but there may be problems with your website in Google’s search results if you have errors in your markup.” For example, if you used an invalid element in the header, Google may ignore any element that follows the invalid element.

This is a problem for the structured data of website schema or SEO and can potentially affect all other areas of the website in which Google may not understand your HTML markup.

Google’s valid metadata includes the following HTML elements:

  • title
  • meta
  • link
  • script
  • style
  • base
  • noscript
  • template

The following elements are invalid in supported by Google Search

  • iframe
  • img

Updated title link to help document troubleshooting item

When there is more than one large, prominent heading on a page, and it is not clear which part is the main heading for the page. A page has two or more headings that use the same style. If Google detects that there are multiple major headlines, Google uses the first headline as the text for the title link.

How will this change affect SEO?

The help documentation for Google Search in SEO has to be up-to-date. With this update, many of you must have seen these documents once or twice. And knowing about new documents being posted and changes to existing documents saves your time and also getting an idea of what has changed or how Google is looking at SEO and Google Search.


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