How to Plan Your SEO Strategy for a New Domain

8 Easy Way To Build An SEO Strategy For a New Websites

1. Pick the right domain name for Your Websites

The right Domin name is related with SEO value, so adjusting your organization and brand name. Here are some palteform name to check if the domain you’d like to purchase is available:


2. Select high-speed website hosting provider

I for one suggest Siteground for its 100 percent uptime unwavering quality, speedy page time load, and backing (explicitly for WordPress clients).

3. Set up Google Search Console and Resolve Website Error

Google Search Console provide you with tons of that you need to achieve SEO success. With Google Search Console, you can check things like:

  • Page speed issues
  • Organic keywords that bring in website clicks
  • Your average click through rate (CTR)
  • Sitemap submission
  • Crawl and index errors
  • Page performance

4. Analysis your SEO competition

First you have identified your SEO competitors, then it is time to do a keyword gap analysis.Perform keyword gap analysis, there are third party tools you can use, such as Ahrefs or Semrush

5. Research Relevant Keywords for Your New Domain

Keywords are at the master key of your SEO strategy, because they’re what connects search queries to your content listed in the SERPs. You can use keyword planner and pic a Relevant Keywords for Your website.

6. Build a strategy for content Regularly Update On Blog Websites.

When update content on website with consistently searchable and Unique and trending . Then naturally attract the user and also help you to rank for the keyword.

7. Optimized URL structure with Keywords

I would advise you that while optimizing the website URL, you must definitely put the targeted keywords in your URL.

8. Improve Core Web Vitals and page experience

I would advise you that just as you go to the doctor to routine check up, you should do the same for your website to avoid any unnecessary problems.


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