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Why SEO not just a cost but is a great investment

Whenever companies invest, the intention of that investment depends on it, which will give returns later.

Why is there hesitation to invest in an acquisition channel like SEO?

Research theory:

Investing in SEO is a long process. “Seeing” and measuring the results of increased traffic and revenue shows that there are ups and downs in this field, SEO may not bring its corresponding results. You can only guess to get any result and that estimate may or may not be accurate.

But when you work on a website for 12 months, then the result of that work looks positive and stable, then people say that look, I have done it.

Investors might expect similar organic results. Then they agree that it takes some time to produce SEO.

The main topic of this article is how SEO promotes organic growth, as well as how to achieve the expected output. In particular, the will discuss how investing in SEO is needed.

People: Building a good team to develop and oversee SEO strategy that drives business results.

Content: Creating content backed by a strong, technical foundation that optimizes the consumer’s journey and decides to trust and transact with your business over another.

Tools: Buying a paid tool for SEO and content professionals alike to monitor and check for technical flaws in websites such as like semrush


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