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Latest Google SEO Updates : Who is latest update in seo for algorithm ?

Google’s algorithms are a complex system that is used to retrieve data from its search index and immediately return the best possible result for a query. In order to get better results for the searcher, Google keeps on changing its search algorithm from time to time. Search engines continue to push their search engine result pages (SERPs) to rank webpages based on relevance. Uses a combination of algorithms and multiple ranking factors to accomplish this process.

In its early years, Google made only a few updates to its algorithms. But now, Google makes thousands of changes every year, let’s say, every day makes some changes.

History of Google SEO Algorithm Updates

Latest Google Algorithm in 2022

Google said this is the third release of the update in Product Review, which will take “a few more weeks” to be fully rolled out, based on two prior product review updates. This update is to help Google users identify high-quality product reviews and reward them with better rankings.

Google Algorithm 2021 Updates

Product Reviews Update – December 2021

Local Search Update – 30 November 2021

Core Update – 19 November 2021

Link Spam Update July 2021

Spam Update – June 28

Page Experience Update – June 15

Google Algorithm 2020 Updates

Core Update- December 2020

BERT Expands – October 2020

Core Update – May 2020

Google Algorithm 2019 Updates

Core Update ( Sept , June , March) 2020

2018 Google Algorithm Updates : for more information click here


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