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TikTok News – TikTok to launch ad revenue-sharing feature for creators

TikTok’s short-video format app has become hugely popular with over a billion active users globally in just a few years, but has always been under fire for its way to creators effectively monetize content.

TikTok on Wednesday announced on the social media platform that it will be doing an advertising revenue-sharing with leading creators, these model already used by his competitors.

Under the new TikTok Pulse program, companies can place their ads on user content in specific categories, including health, fashion, cooking, gaming and more – and share some of that with creators.

A subsidiary of Chinese tech firm ByteDance said in a statement that we will begin exploring our first advertising revenue sharing program with creators, public figures and media publishers.

We are focused on developing monetization solutions in the available markets so that TikTok creators feel valued and rewarded.

Tiktok has said that under this program only accounts with at least 100,000 customers will be eligible for the first phase of the program.

The general manager of North America at the TikTok firm, Sandy Hawkins, told media in an interview that Pulse will launch in the United States in June, and is looking at giving approved creators a 50 percent cut in ad revenue.

But tik tok creators in india will not get any benefit because tik tok is banned in India.


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