Repairing Damaged Hair:

Unlocking Bhagyashree’s Secret to Long, Lustrous Hair with Almond Oil Massage

Even at the age of 54, Bhagyashree continues to flaunt her luxurious black hair, radiating vitality and charm. She recently revealed her hair care secret – regular almond oil massages – that contribute to the health and darkness of her locks.

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Bhagyashree, an incredibly active Bollywood actress on social media, consistently shares novel health and beauty remedies with her followers. Despite her age, she maintains a level of fitness, glowing complexion, and thick black hair that leaves admirers in awe. Bhagyashree’s meticulous self-care routine has paved the way for her fans to eagerly adopt her recommended practices.

Not long ago, Bhagyashree posted a video on Instagram that featured her hair care routine, specifically showcasing her scalp massage with almond oil. She explained the properties of almond oil and the reasons she incorporates it into her regimen. Although coconut oil is commonly used for scalp massages, Bhagyashree’s suggestion of almond oil adds a unique dimension to hair care. Let’s delve into the myriad benefits of using almond oil for hair.

Why Bhagyashree Recommends and How to Massage Hair with Almond Oil:

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  • Begin by washing your hair and gently detangling it with a comb.
  • Warm the almond oil slightly.
  • Apply the oil to the roots of your hair using your fingers or cotton.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to gently distribute the oil through your hair.
  • Tie your hair up and wash with shampoo after an hour.

Enhancing Hair Strength and Quality:

Almond oil

Almond oil contains vital elements like vitamin E and protein that enhance hair strength and promote overall hair health. Regularly applying almond oil followed by shampooing leads to improved hair texture. Additionally, the antioxidants present in almond oil provide protection against pollution and environmental damage, preserving the natural allure of your hair.

Softening and Conditioning:

Softening and Conditioning

The iron, zinc, fatty acids, and magnesium in almond oil assist in reducing hair dryness, softening hair texture, and preventing frizz. When consistently used, almond oil reaches the cellular level of hair strands, from roots to tips, resulting in supple and smooth hair.

Repairing Damaged Hair:

Thanks to its vitamin E content, almond oil not only strengthens hair but also aids in repairing damaged and brittle hair. Regular oil massages contribute to reducing the likelihood of split ends and hair breakage.

Repairing Damaged Hair:

Reducing Hair Fall:

Minerals such as magnesium, zinc, protein, and iron in almond oil help mitigate hair fall by promoting healthier hair growth. Massaging almond oil onto the scalp and hair regularly can significantly diminish hair fall.

Hair Fall

Stimulating Hair Growth:

Regular massage of almond oil into the scalp improves blood circulation, leading to faster hair growth. Almond oil also serves as a rich source of biotin, contributing to thicker and more voluminous hair.

Enhancing Shine and Conditioning:

Almond oil doubles as an effective hair conditioner, particularly during the colder months when it helps manage frizz. You can apply warmed oil before shampooing or use a small amount as a leave-in serum after washing. This imparts a natural shine to your hair, leaving it silky and well-conditioned.


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