Bollywood & Food News : Salman Khan’s Quick and Simple ‘Onion Pickle Recipe’ Ready in 5 Minutes and Brimming with Health Benefits

Salman Khan’s Uncooked Onion Pickle Recipe Salman Khan has a strong inclination towards home-cooked meals. According to his close friend Mahesh Manjarekar, “I appreciate the food at Salman’s residence. He possesses a fondness for spicy cuisine. He prioritizes flavor. What sets Salman apart is his lack of concern for diets; he relishes his spices. I genuinely relish his homemade fare. With Sanjay Dutt, the spice quotient is lower. However, at Salman’s place, it’s just right.”

On a certain occasion, he generously shared the recipe for his favorite pickled onions and even demonstrated his culinary skills by preparing it himself.

Salman Khan’s Onion Pickle: A Speedy 5-Minute Recipe The recipe requires basic ingredients commonly found at home—onions (500 grams), salt (to taste), fennel seeds or saunf (one teaspoon), red chili powder (one teaspoon), kalonji (one teaspoon), and a touch of oil.

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The Method: Gently chop or slice the onions. Combine all the mentioned ingredients and relish!

The Benefits of Pickled Onions Incorporating pickled onions into your diet brings forth several health advantages. Red onions boast antioxidants (anthocyanins), which provide protection against oxidative stress and inflammation. Furthermore, they are enriched with vitamin C, sulfuric compounds, flavonoids, and phytochemicals. Additionally, pickled onions offer prebiotic fiber, promoting a healthy gut.

However, it’s crucial to exercise moderation if you have high blood pressure or heart-related concerns due to the presence of spices and oil. Consuming excessive amounts can prove detrimental.

Salman Khan’s Culinary Favorites Regarding his preferred cuisine, Salman Khan shared, “The timeless Yellow Dal that my mother used to prepare will forever be my favorite. My go-to dishes include rajma, chawal, and roti—uncomplicated fare.”

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