Why is the UP Assembly election in 2022 so significant?

The groundwork has been laid for the next UP election in 2022. The ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) would go to any length to win a second straight term in the state, while the state’s two major opposition parties, the SP and the BSP, will also vie for the crown.

In the current scenario, it looks that the state election would be similar to the 2017 election, with the BJP maintaining its advantage and the SP trailing far behind. There have been allegations of personality conflicts inside the party and alliances in the run-up to the elections. For example, SBSP head Om Prakash Rajbhar has stated that he will not form an alliance with the BJP if the saffron party decides to run in the elections under Adityanath’s leadership. But only time will tell what the ramifications will be.

The term “incumbency” refers to the period in which an official occupies office, whereas “anti-incumbency” refers to the desire to vote out the governing parties or individuals. So, is there an anti-incumbency movement in Uttar Pradesh? The BJP says no, but the opposition tells a different storey.

The people of Uttar Pradesh are pleased with CM Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s welfare initiatives in the state. The state administration has brought progress to the state during the previous 4.5 years, including infrastructure, investment, education, law and order, women’s safety, health care facilities, and more. The public is well aware of this and is prepared to vote in favour of the current administration.

On the other side, the SP, which is campaigning under former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, says that there is anti-incumbency among the state’s farmers and that they would vote in unison against the BJP in the next state elections.

“According to reports, the BJP, which promotes dialogue, would conduct a ‘Kisan Sammelan’ in Uttar Pradesh. When it came time for the ‘Annadata’ to vote, the BJP remembered farmers. Farmers will not fall into the trap set by the BJP. Farmers would vote in unison against the BJP in UP election in 2022 “Yadav said.

In a news conference on August 7 in Lucknow, he stated that the BJP had pledged to quadruple farmers’ income by 2022, but that it seemed impossible. “The farmers and people of Uttar Pradesh want to know what the farmers’ income is today from the BJP. Today, there is a price increase, and fertiliser prices have also increased. Farmers’ incomes will be doubled by UP election in 2022, according to the guarantee. When will this occur? “He inquired.

While the SP is talking about farmers protesting the three laws, the Congress is speaking out against the state’s response to the second COVID-19 wave. The people are unhappy with the government because of its mishandling during the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, during which thousands died in the state owing to a lack of oxygen, beds, and healthcare facilities. They have not forgotten this, as evidenced by the approaching elections.


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